Balter or Bust..

Let face it we've all heard those stories that paint a picture of how great everything was 'back in the day' and how shit things are now. I experienced it  myself when I was a young un, an old hippy talking about how they couldnt understand the rave culture, the music and the drugs that went with it. They was all like 'back in my day it was all weed, beer, acid and wizz and music was real music, all these people popping pills look fucked and this isnt music, its shit' I could see where he was coming from as I could see it from his point of view, plus lets face it the music in the 60' n 70's was wkd, but you cant compare one era to another cause things change and evolve so much. The very ancient art of the tribal gathering may have changed in appearance over time but that urge to gather never changes, its something that lays deep within our DNA, its part of who we are.  Thousands of years ago people would gather to drum and dance and its still happening to this day.

Im currently at Balter festival and now im official an old hippy/raver myself I find myself thinking the same as that old hippy about todays young generation of ravers and the drugs they take. Dont get me wrong im not judging, each to their own innit but for me personally seeing people stumbllin about with polo rings round there noses slowly trying to move one leg in front of the other doesnt look like fun, but im sure thousands of ketlings would disagree. Of course not everyone was like that at Balter and it was nice to that if someone had overdone it a wee bit people were looking out for them and checking they were ok even if they had never met them b4, this fest has a nice community spirit about it. They also had a really nice psy care tent at Balter which provided information on how to party in a safe way and offered help and support for anyone who needed it. Every dance music festival should have one of these tents and test kits should be available to make sure people are taking what they think they are taking. With all the synthetic shite around these days its more important than ever to know what you are taking.

The soundsystem/rave culture is a constently evolving beast and its just so nice to see a collection of rigs like this.  On this weekend 32yrs ago the legendary Castle Morton rave happend which was shortly followed by crazy new laws based around banning repetative beats and people gathering together etc. The criminal justice bill was made with the direct intention of stopping people from partying like this but here we are with a whole new generation of ravers avin it large and there is something about that which makes me really happy. 

Ok so Balter may not be a free party but is has its origins in the free party scene and has got that free party vibe to it, the sound and production was excellent and most of the Dj's n mc's I saw were all young and very talented, keeping the scene alive from generation to generation 30yrs after the intoroduction of the criminal justice act. You cant kill the spirit as they say ✊.

Balter was a new experience for us and part of the many changes the regions is going through this season. My mind is never far away from Olivias health and its feels funny not having Tenzin with us but like all things change is inevitable and part of life so we are just going with the flow and enjoying the moment. Here at Balter we didnt have our usual set of regular customers and no one knew our cafe it felt as if we were starting from scratch. We was in a quite area off the beaten track but slowly slowly by Sunday night we were packed out with new customers. Milo and Ivy were amazing and practically managed the counter by themselves all weekend, they have really stepped up and become part of the core crew, so proud of them ❤.

Big love to Jem and all the Zen Den crew, it was lovely being part of your area and a great experience.

My favourite part of the fest was seeing Nathan enjoy himself so.much, we fkn love you Nath ❤