Wild at heart..

There is something about into the wild that makes it really special, I don't know if its the location or the fact that a lot of locals and working class people attend which makes it very down to earth and gives it the feel of a fate or county fair, amazing really cause its a big festival. There is something there for every generation, amazing music, workshops, kids area, expert crafts people, teachers, foragers and many more come along to share their knowledge and skills. Our kids love into the wild and upon arriving on site it ain't long before the smart phones get ditched and they're making rope swings amongst the beautiful red wood trees that soar above the oak, holy and beech.

1500 kids were present at into the wild this year, I could see the joy on the faces of the parents as they watched there kids play amongst the nature, same in the kids area and when they were buzzing around on Helen the hats wicked magical youth bus. Watching the parents expressions in those moments I could see everything, happiness, gratitude, contentment and the beaming smiles the icing on the cake, I had the same expression myself when I was watching my youth. There aint a parent in the world these days that wish their kids spent less time online and more time outside playing with other kids so thats real magic creating a vibe like that for so many people. Massive love to Deja and the into the wild crew, we all had a wicked time and it was a total pleasure feeding you all 🙏❤

We bumped into Abhay Rimpoche again at into the wild and Tenzin once again cooked up a batch of momo's for him and a few guests, I missed out (again) second time I've missed them, gutted lol. Buddists believe a Rimpoche monk is a reincarnation who has lived many lives, they pass and they are reborn again. The process to find the reincarnatied Rimpoche as a child is mind-blowing and once found they have to pick out objects from their past life among many other tests. There is a very good documentary called unmistaken child which follows the death and rebirth of a monk, well worth a watch if ya interested in that kind of thing. 

I met Rimpoche at all about love festival when Tenzin was making him some momos, I was well impressed as we didnt have a momo steamer with us. Since that time him and Tenzin have met at a few festivals and have chatted a lot over the summer, it was nice we all got a chance to chill out together after into the wild had finished. Me and Tenzin have agreed to sell some stock to help him raise funds towards building a new monastery in India as his original monastery in Tibet is inaccessible to him since the Chinese invasion of 1959. That invasion left many Tibetans extremely traumatised and many more dead, the trauma still runs deep down through the generations so I hope with all my heart that those living in exile get to return to their homeland one day, a free Tibet.

We have all worked our arses off this summer, El chipos has been a success and we have taken the regions to the next level. A new generation frequent the cafe these days both in front and behind the counter and its such a special feeling having ya kids and friends work alongside you, that extra little bit of help makes a huge difference so massive thanks to all those that chipped in when things got super busy🙏❤

The regions truly is a family business and I'm not just talking about blood. As we all know it ain't always easy living and working together but we work and operate as a family, we ride the waves of problems and challenges like family, we are there for each other like family and despite all the drama and madness (Which at times sends me to the brink of insanity) the good times out way the bad many many times over. Such is life enjoy the good times innit, besides without tough times we wouldn't enjoy and appreciate the good times so much.

Big love to all those that have helped us out this season and massive thanks to our suppliers, Radek for his lush chocolates and brownies, Lauren for her amazing homemade cakes and Chris for the Bristol twenty organic coffee, all of it has gone down a storm this summer so thank you all so much. Ive had such a wicked summer this season, full on but its been lovely being back on the road again, catching up with friends and some old crew members this season has been one of the highlights for me.

Summer is now turning to autumn but we still have one gig left for the outer regions this season, the very excellent Green earth awakening in Devon 14th-18th September.

We look very forward to seeing you there x