This past couple of weeks have been on my mind for some time as we had three back to back events, from Buddhafield we headed straight to Glastonbury to start setting up our own little camp Re-connectiion last weekend then we packed down on  Monday and headed straight to all about love to feed the crew. I don't think we've ever packed up on a Monday at a festival before, we usually go Wednesday after resting Tuesday as its important to pace yourself in these situations. Long days working followed by a long drive can be a deadly combination and that's why its important for those that live and work on the road to be able to rest in laybys and stopping places overnight if they need to as lorry drivers and couriers do. A friend of mine died driving tired and I have had some near scrapes myself in the past driving late into the night after working long days. People fear these new tresspass laws and the new police powers, they fear they will translate into more hassle as they make life that little bit harder for those on the road. Then again so did the criminal justice bill and all the other bills that come before them going back to the Egyptians act of 1530 and no doubt there will be more bills in the future. At the end of the day we have the right to park up and rest like everyone else, cause we are like everyone else, human, with families and jobs and deserve to be treated us such. The nomadic way of life is the oldest way of life and those that choose that life should not be persecuted cause they don't live in a house.

The vibe at this years Re-connectiion camp was amazing and everyone had a really nice time as the sun was mostly shining and the music was out of this world. We were blessed to have so many amazing musicians come along who sang and jammed well into the night along with many workshops n talks which created such good energy. Reconnection was never intended to be a recurring thing, we set up the camp last year to give people a chance to gather after lockdown had ended , and  although  small last years camp was made truly beautiful by the energy and love of the people who attended and those who put in the work to make it happen. Many of those people  returned this year and many new faces appeared, it was truly magical.

I have a special relationship with the Reconnection site, I been coming here since Mark n Caroline became gaurdians of the land back in 2012. Me Mark n Caroline put on the oneness gathering  here in 2014 and the regions has pretty much been here every season at some point ever since. We have done all sorts here from meditation retreats to weddings, from common law courts to parties and everything inbetween. A lots changed in those 10yrs and long gone are the days of parties and soundsystems here,  these days community projects take center stage. These days the very excellent Crops not shops are here growing organic veg  and running educational community based projects, in the other fields its wild camping and small retreats and camps like Re-connection. We have always been able to help ourselves to the food being grown on this land, I remember in the early day the veg plot was very high priority cause when you aint got much money and you want to eat healthy food, growing your own is your best option. There has always been much love put into growing on this land but Crops not shops have taken it to another level, this year we got our fist load of freshly picked veg from the crops not shops crew for the regions and the taste and flavour was out of this world, straight from ground ot don't get no fresher than that. Its hard to believe they have only been working the land for a few months cause what they have achieved in that time is truly impressive. We save all our organic coffee grounds from the cafe which either go in the compost here on the land or at our yard. Its very good for blueberry bushes (among many other things) I have learned.

Since the lockdowns kids have spent even more time on screens indoors and in some cases people have developed a wee bit social anxiety so seeing a field full of happy faces and children playing outdoors in the trees, seeing people dance under the stars and seeing people making new friends really warmed my heart. Thats a really magical thing to witness that and I feel so honoured to be involved in such beautiful things here on the land, specially Re-connection. Its a lot of hard work but the pay off is worth it  cause its everything I just talked about and those thing are worth  more than money, way fkn more.

Massive thank you to everyone who came along and devoted thier time, talents and energy to this years camp, you really made it so special. It really is a pleasure working alongside Mark and Melody, so much so it doesn't feel like work. Unfortunatley I have acquired a lung infection so I was a bit under the weather last weekend but I got to rest a bit cause my crew and girlfriend are well amazing so I still  really enjoyed myself. Hard not to really when your surrounded by such lovely people. The infection is now clearing up and I'm well on the mend

The best thing about Re-connectiion for me was its the start of the summer holidays and I have been reunited with my sons Milo, Jake n Kai, Milo n Kai have joined us in the road for a bit, we travelled down to all about love together and we've been driving through the lanes of Cambridgeshire today in the van, the weather was beautiful, hot and sunny with gentle winds casting moving cloud shadows over the rolling wheat fields, Kites were hovering in the skies  above and I was over whelmed with that feeling of gratitude for days like these. This life ain't always easy, I was freaking out Monday what with our schedule, lack of sleep n all that but I soon got me shit together and we got the job done with a little help from our friends, thank you all so much 🙏

The vibe here at all about love is already off the hook, gonna be another amazing weekend ❤