Its all about the love...

Its hard to believe we were only on the all about love site for a week, it feels much longer. AAL took place inna lovely part of the Cambridgshire that consists of mainly hay fields gently swaying in the soft breeze, small villages, thatched roof cottages, small windey roads and open panoramic landscapes which were very pleasing on the eye. It has been a scorcher of a week, so hot the ground had cracked so working in the kitchen was very intense in that heat, we worked very hard non stop from the moment we got there untill the moment we left.

The first three days crew cooking were full on as the meal tickets hadn't arrived due to a delay at the printers, we were like oh shite. Many years experience doing crew food has taught me when this type of thing happens you have to be on the ball, stay calm and smoke lots of weed cause you have no idea how many people are coming to eat, who is entitled to food, when they are coming eat etc etc.  Its not a nice position to be put in that as some people start to shout and moan at you cause their tired and hungary and have to wait 20 mins or so for the next batch,  it really doesn't help. All you can do in these situations is ask people to be patient as we were just doing  what we were instructed to do by the organisers and literally cooking non stop. In true outer regions style we made sure everyone got fed and when the meal tickets arrived on Friday everything  run really smoothly. Its not easy running a festival, specially when the size of that festival has doubled since last year so it goes without saying  your always gonna get some teething problems in the early days of set up, you don't look to cast blame or moan about the situation, you work together to sort it out. The organisers ditched the cap on the meal numbers as soon as they were informed on what was happening and they did their very best to sort the situation out. A lot of gratitude came our way at the end of that festival, our hard work hadn't gone unnoticed and those who were a bit grumpy in the beginning apologised and thanked us for all our hard work. So many people, hundreds in fact both customers and crew came and thanked us at the end, it was quite overwhelming and very beautiful so thank you so much for all those kind words 🙏❤

All about love had the most amazing stage, sound system and music, the vibe was out of this world throughout the weekend and we really enjoyed ourselves, everyone enjoyed themselves. It was a real pleasure feeding the crew and so many amazing musicians over the weekend, one of the perks of crew cooking is now n again ya get to hang out with some of ya favourite artists. Its a double sided coin though cause if they turn out to be a complete arsehole diva it kind of puts you off their music. Thankfully this has only happened to me once when a coked up diva dj (whose name I won't mention cause im far to professional for that) had forgot the lead for his iplayer thing so a runner ran into town and managed to get him one. When the runner came back he was panting like a dog and sweating like Prince Andrew when he was getting interviewed over Epstien. The dj wasnt happy cause it wasnt an 'official' apple iphone lead and started shouting at the young runner, I said to the DJ can you see how out of breath that kid is, he has literally just run 4 miles to town and back to get you that fkn lead so be nice or fuck off. He looked at me in shock, I then offered the runner a drink and the diva dj flicked his hair and stormed off inna huff like a spoilt child that didn't get his own way lol. Just because your famous it doesn't give you a licence to be an arsehole, manners cost nothing innit.

Last weekend we caught up with Marcus Gad and his crew in the cafe, we haven't seen them since they played at into the wild a good few years back so it was really nice to catch up. They headlined Sunday night and raised the roof, conscious reggae music at its finest. All the music on all the stages was so good and the festival site had a lake you could swim in, the kids were in there more than they were out so we only really saw them when they come back tired and ready for dinner as the evening drew in, like we used to when we were kids which is special in this digital age.

We got a week off now before heading down to Sussex to feed the Into the wild crew, im really looking forward to that as its one of our favourite festivals on such a beautiful piece of land. Soon we will be sitting round a fire catching up with old friends under the stars, what more could you ask for.🙏

We all had an amazing time at All about love  so massive love to tiger Si, Jo, Billy and all the other AAL crew that worked so hard to make it so special ❤