Carry on Avin it and the Common law court

So we spent 3 wonderful weeks inna field nr Glastonbury, we had spring water on tap via a solar pump, 240 supply via solar and were blessed by the most amazing weather, sunshine all the way. Avin it was a great private party, lovely to reconnect with the  people that attend this event, always a pleasure to be surrounded by such nice company on such a beautiful piece of land. Lovely to see you all xx

Next was the common law court, the first one since 1850, a very historical and educational day, learnt loads of stuff and met some really nice people from all walks of life, what more could one ask for.

A very big thank you to the landowners for accommodating us, so lovely chilling with you and catching up, hope to see you both soon xx

Next we are going to a small camp nr Shepton Mallet, then we are off to St Pauls carnival n Bristol before heading to the very excellent Buddhafield festival in July. Love BF and were so much looking  forward to catching up, haven't seen those guys and girls since the dream like GEA  on the Autumn Equinox last year. 
Its a love ting beautiful people, see you very soon xxxxx

Photos by Paul Adam, Chief and Nicola Jayne Sweeney