Goa 94 - Mix for Guru bar

Goa 1990 - 94, Anjuna, Vagator, Chapora and of course the legendary Disco valley was a total game changer for me and the place that laid the foundations for the Outer regions. It was Utopia, just absolutely beautiful vibes, the pure essence of multiculturalism and togetherness that I have rarely experienced since.
We used to reside behind the Guru bar, North Anjuna where we spent our days chilling out in the shade, it seemed to be chillam oclock constantly, if we wasn't smoking we were writing out fake tourist testimonials for the ear cleaners, the pay off being they would never hassle us lol. We had a similar deal with the Rajasthani Gypsy Women (who are to this day the best hustlers ive ever come across). What we would do is get them trade from tourists who felt constantly hassled by them (yet liked there stock), we would recommend certain sellers and call them over when they were passing. For this, as with the ear cleaners they never hassled us and we earnt the amazing privilege of getting discount fruit as the sellers were from the same tribe, that said.... as I remember it they still managed to extort quite a lot of money off me over the years haha, worth every penny.
Soo why am I babbling about Goa u may ask?? Well I found a cassette tape cover in a loft recently, it had the track list on the inside, a mix I did for the Guru bar in 1994!
I got a few memories out and plugged them in, sent a tingle right up my spine. Happy days :) xx