Green earth awakening, Balklan bliss and the end of the season

Well since the very excellent into the wild festival all energies have been spent getting our next release ready for our record label, Me, Sunny and Paul took the cds over to Serbia via Budapest and went to the launch party in Belgrade, amazing time had by all :) We arrived back in the UK at 1am,I had to drive Sunny and Paul from Stanstead to Dartford, then drive to the Cotswolds, pick up the van, drive to Devon and set up the cafe at the Green earth awakening.
I was a little bit tired and spent most of my time recovering, surround by good company and friends. As if by magic people turned up and helped out, allowing me to relax and enjoy the beauty that surrounded me. Love the gea, Massive thank you to Chris, Stella, Gian, Dean, Fern and Lauren (top driver) ;) x Thanks as always to the lovely Buddhafield crew, all singing, dancing and smiling - beautiful x
Well that about wraps it up as far as the outer regions goes for this year, were all back at base packing up the cafe, cleaning and getting ready to snuggle down for the autumn. Sunny has now returned to Spain (alright for some) and will be returning to the helm next summer :)
In the meantime new music is flowing on our label, we have the very excellent albums Roots history book by Fc Apatride UTD, I am Electronic by Celt Islam very recently released and very soon we have the album Esoteric set for release late October (links below).
Also new mixtapes coming very soon on our Outer regions music page. Thank you all for a very lovely Summer xxx See you all next year to do it all over again - yeah xxx