Fvf 2017, crew food, disco balls and irie vibes

A field with a view, and it's the most beautiful view indeed, one of rolling Wiltshire countryside, local folk and a production crew so professional its on par with the pyramid stage rather than a small festi. We have been doing crew food for 9 yrs at Field view and its so nice to come back year after year, the crew have become friends as have many of the punters, we love this festival and salute u fvf crew for being basically bloody awesome.
Field view just gets better and better every year and its lovely to see some of them twenty somethings we met almost a decade ago starting family's. Its an absolute pleasure cooking for u guys, u treat us so well and have never told us to turn our music down ever (except for meetings), for this we love you long time xx
Also a massive thank you to the Cameron Fam, Katy & Abbie for the shoppin runs, Nigel for sorting the van out and last but in no means least all you lovely customers, your kind words and compliments resonate deep, thank you xx..
Same time next year then ;)oh Norch has been dreaming about the thousands of disco balls he made lol