Glastonbury 2017

Wow - that is all I got to say about small world, a modern festi with an old school feel, simply amazing and an absolute pleasure feeding the crew. Nice one Pony x. So next on the agenda is the festival equivelent of the icing on the cake,the very excellent Glastonbury festival, and we have quite a presence this year.
Me and Norch will be in the Tipi field with our Tipi Tibet set up, providing a cosy fire, music and chai throughout the festival. Also musically Celt Islam from our label Urban Sedated Records has 2 shows over the festival and will be joined by DMC mixmaster Dr Weevil. They will be performing twice over the festival Thurs night in the Cave (The Common) and Saturday night in the Glade lounge, also Iwill be Djing Sunday night 1am on the very excellent Toad hall stage.
Looking so forward to it, lets hope this beautiful weather keeps up. There is also a new mixtape on our outer regions music page :) Enjoy and we see u at Glasto xx