End of the season 2016

Well, the summer is officially over, after the very beautiful Green Earth Awakening we packed the cafe away for the winter and headed to Stone Henge to celebrate the equinox.
Its been a crazy summer but we have had an amazing time. Me and Norch started the season with a lovely gathering of friends on a very special piece of land nr Glasto which made the perfect start to the season. After that we headed to Glastonbury, it was the first time we been in the Tipi field and was great to arrive to a warm welcome from Tara and his crew, despite the rain we had an amazing time and was great to meet, greet and hang out with the Gyuto Monks.
Our next stop was the Blackdown hills for our annual visit to Buddhafield, Was lovely to have our friends Filter coffee come over from Mumbai and perform, lovely weather, lovely people, lovely festival as always, bless up Buddha's x. After a 10 day period of no drugs and alcohol we headed west to Malmsbury to join the Field view crew for the amazing field vew festival, we had the privalage once again of cooking and hanging out with the crew and as always were warmly welcomed and treated like royalty, We love u fvf crew, amazing festival xx.
Next we headed to the South East to into the wild, an amazing intimite gathering which grows every year but hangs on to its intimate feel. Amazing festival and the most amazing music, lovely to hang out and feed the very talented Barmer Boys from Rajasthan, Gypsy/Indian/beatbox desert music, whats not to like. Thank u Hugh for your hospitality and for putting on such and amazing festival.
We left Into the Wild and headed back West to the Blackdown hills for the very lovely Green Earth awakening retreat. It was a magical weekend, full moon, misty starry nights and lovely people, thanks to Tom, Rosie and the rest of the Buddhafield crew xx...
We like to say a big thank you to all our customers, we love u long time, and a special thank u to all our friends and staff who come and help out, Nell, Maya, Olivia, Les, Paul, Little Tenzin, Kelli Anne, Elle, Louis, Mali, Hana and all the other people who have helped us throughout the summer. we love u xxx...
I was asked at the Green earth camp if we ever did a talking circle, she was suprised I had no idea what she was talking about, when she explained I was like err, we dont really need to chat about anything as we rarely have issues, and thats because we are friends, brothers and sisters, Parents, children - Outer regions family, from generation to generation and I feel truly blessed to lead the life I lead. from the bottom of my heart thank you for the amazing unique experience:)
See u next year beautiful people, One Love xxx.... We have a new mix up on our music page which u can check out Here, part 2 and more sounds from the outer regions soon come :).